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Bill would end mandatory prison time for non-violent offenders who violate parole

According to figures from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, the state's prison network, which is designed to accommodate 38,579 inmates, is currently housing well over 50,000 inmates.

ODRC statistics also reveal that 28 percent of this massive prison population is not made up of individuals who were convicted of violent crimes or other major felonies, but rather drug offenses. Indeed, the number of inmates incarcerated for drug crimes in Ohio is 14 percent higher than the national average.

Ohio state legislator faces OVI, weapons charges

Early reports are not positive ones for State Rep. Wes Retherford of Hamilton. The legislator was recently arrested for OVI after reportedly falling asleep in a McDonald's drive-thru. A police report indicates that he almost fell down while he was being administered a sobriety test.

In addition to drunk driving, he is also charged with a felony (mishandling a firearm). His case is headed now to a grand jury for consideration.

Ohio State Patrol in search of drunk drivers on St. Patrick's Day

No matter how much green you wear or how affecting your Irish lilt might be on this St. Patrick's Day, you do not want to get pulled over by Cincinnati police, Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies or the Ohio State Highway Patrol. All of those law enforcement agencies are pledged to seek out drunk drivers with even extra vigilance today.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says it will team up with local police agencies to look for drunken motorists today and tonight. The effort is part of the National Highway Safety Administration’s Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving campaign.

Ohio volunteer cop, Boy Scout leader accused of rape

If you drive about four hours northeast of Cincinnati, you will come to the town of Olmsted Falls, Ohio. The Cleveland suburb was recently the focus of intense media attention after a Boy Scout troop leader and auxiliary police officer was accused of sexual assault of a teenager.

The Olmsted Falls Police Department made available to news media a video of the man's arrest at the local police station. Officials said the man was asked to come to the station on a pretext and that when he showed up, he was arrested without incident.

What happens if I violate my probation?

Whether you are in the pre-sentencing stage or have been convicted of a crime, the judge may have opted to put you on probation as opposed to imprisonment. There are certain legal restrictions that you will have to observe such as abstaining from the illegal use of drugs, not carrying a firearm, and refraining from getting into any additional legal trouble of any kind.

Also, other restrictions that your probation officer will impose. If you don't follow the rules of your probation, you do run the risk of making your legal situation worse. So what happens if you commit a probation violation?

Former Ohio cop faces probation after DUI charges reduced

A former police officer is in a battle to reclaim his job with the Cleveland police department. It is not clear how that fight will be affected by his recent plea of no contest to a misdemeanor charge of being in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence.

The punishment for 34-year-old former cop: a year of inactive probation and a $350 fine. He was also ordered to go to five sessions with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, according to a recent news article. He was originally charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Do people who finish high school get less time in prison?  

Perhaps you've been arrested on a minor criminal charge. Your court date is coming soon and some people you talk to say it won't matter if you have a good lawyer or not, since you're an "upstanding citizen" and got your degree. The judge will probably go softer on you, they say. Is that really true?

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