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Former DEA agent says Big Pharma created the opioid epidemic

"60 Minutes" calls the opioid crisis gripping the nation "the worst drug epidemic in American history." Cincinnati has certainly gotten to see it close hand. Over the past 20 years, opioid-related drug crime has skyrocketed, as have overdose deaths and addiction problems.

A former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration administrator told the newsmagazine that the crisis was created by the pharmaceutical industry, Congress, the drug distribution network, pain clinics and rogue pharmacies. All of those players had financial stakes in the nurturing, enabling and fueling the surge in opioid use that began in the late 1990s.

Cincinnati City Council candidate: more arrests not the answer

There are some politicians who say that the solution to public safety problems is simple: hire more cops, make more arrests, put more people in jail. While that approach certainly has its supporters, Cincinnati City Council candidate Tamaya Dennard is not among them.

Dennard says that education, job opportunities and a concentration of poverty are also factors contributing to crime. She says the city has to do more than put handcuffs on people and then put them behind bars.

An evolution in drug trafficking

Regular readers of our Cincinnati criminal defense blog know that there are always new illegal drugs gaining in popularity as some older substances fade. Methamphetamine apparently use has declined in recent years as demand for opioids has surged.

The recent arrest of a man in northeastern Ohio on drug trafficking charges might be an indication of how the meth trade is evolving. The 39-year-old is accused of transporting liquid methamphetamine on an airplane flight from Oklahoma to Pittsburgh and then driving into Ohio.

Don't step out of line during an OVI stop

Let's say you just left a local restaurant in your Ohio neighborhood where you and a few friends were sharing a few laughs, drinks and a good meal together. Not long after you exit the parking lot, you see flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror and your blood pressure immediately begins to rise as you realize a police officer is pulling you over. You know that situations like this have a tendency to lead to OVI charges and that's the last thing you need.

Everything you do from that point on may impact the outcome of your situation. However, if you're already aware of your personal rights and know what to do and not do during a traffic stop, you may be able to avoid serious legal trouble.

Cincinnati suburb announces drug arrest, vows more coming

Law enforcement personnel from multiple agencies recently made the arrest of “one of the biggest drug dealers in the area,” the police chief of a suburb north of Cincinnati said.

A 55-year-old man and his girlfriend, 29, were arrested after months of investigation by the federal government's Drug Enforcement Administration, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and a Regional Narcotics Task Force that includes Hamilton and Butler counties. According to a Journal-News article, the man now faces federal charges involving drug trafficking. The article did not specify the charges against the woman. 

Ohio judge issues long list of punishments for repeat OVI

If you drive diagonally across Ohio from Cincinnati, you will arrive in Mahoning County after you spend about five hours on the road. A 31-year-old man won't be making that drive in the near future, however.

He was recently sentenced for operating a vehicle under the influence; his punishment includes suspension of his driver's license for five years. Most people would not consider that the harshest part of the sentence, however.

Ohio man faces $1 million bond, long list of vandalism allegations

It is extraordinary for bond to be set at $1 million in a case revolving around vandalism. But there is nothing ordinary about the criminal charges an Ohio man faces about four hours northeast of Cincinnati.

One of the unusual elements of the case is that it is a 49-year-old man facing the vandalism-related charges. He is accused of shooting at windows of businesses, churches and a police car in Stark and Summit counties.

Have you been accused of traveling over the absolute speed limit?

Many individuals have faced the scenario of driving along the roadway when they suddenly see blue lights in their rearview mirror. Commonly, police officers pull over drivers for traveling over the speed limit. If this type of situation has happened to you and the officer issued you a ticket, you may wonder whether you have to pay the ticket or if you have other options.

As with any other type of violation of the law, you have the right to defend against allegations. When it comes to defending against a speeding ticket, the circumstances under which the officer issued the ticket can play an important role in how you present your case.

Ohio man faces drug-trafficking and possession charges

A 37-year-old man was recently arrested for attending a parade in the small, southeast Ohio town in which he resides. It is clearly unusual to be taken into custody for attending a parade, but circumstances in this case are out of the ordinary.

The Nelsonville man was reportedly under house arrest after an arrest early this year for drug trafficking and possession of marijuana and THC products. He apparently had permission to be at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that day, but instead went to the parade.

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