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Second OVI arrest puts Cincinnati cop's career in jeopardy

According to WXIX TV, a Cincinnati police officer has had the power of his badge taken from him. He has also been assigned to desk duty following a recent arrest. The 44-year-old law enforcement veteran was arrested for OVI by an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper on Interstate 75.

The trooper reported that he observed the officer's BMW swerving in a northbound lane. This is his second OVI arrest in four years, though it should be noted that he was not convicted of drunk driving in the first incident.

Traffic stop morphs into drug charges for Ohio couple

If you drive north of Cincinnati for about three hours, you will come to Plain Township, outside of Canton. We read recently of an arrest there that began as so many arrests do: with a seemingly routine traffic stop.

In this case, a 60-year-old man was stopped shortly after midnight as he was driving near his home. The police officer wrote in his arrest report that the man had failed to maintain his lane while driving. What began as a traffic stop soon turned into a search and then an arrest on felony drug charges and more.

Ohio's controversial ignition interlock law

Your recent arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence has likely changed your plans for the immediate future. Until the court decides the outcome of your case, you probably think of little else. After all, the consequences for impaired driving convictions include fines, jail time and license suspension that increase in severity with each subsequent offense.

Recently, Ohio legislators passed a law allowing those convicted of OVI offenses to request ignition interlock systems in lieu of jail and license suspension. Mothers Against Drunk Driving sings the praises of ignition interlock, and some compare it to having a parole officer in the car with you. However, experts contend that the systems may have flaws that could mean serious trouble for those who use them.

Media swings, misses in Tiger Woods' DUI arrest coverage

A few days ago, as the news about Tiger Woods broke across newscasts, social media and sports sites, there was a collective sadness at seeing the mug shot of the disheveled golf icon. The sadness mingled with scolding, celebration and other forms of schadenfreude.

Woods was arrested for driving under the influence near his Florida home. He soon released a statement to let "the public to know that alcohol was not involved." He said that "what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications."

Could alleged Ohio drug dealer also face manslaughter charges?

Officials are not saying what future charges an Ohio man might face. They simply acknowledge that right now he is accused of drug trafficking and drug possession. Additional charges might be filed after a toxicology report on a Warren County man is issued.

The report is to determine if the Warren County man died of an overdose of so-called "gray death." That's the name given to a new street drug that combines heroin with carfentanil and fentanyl.

Ohio cop accidently overdoses after making drug arrest

A Cincinnati TV station is reporting that the dangers of some of the drugs seeping into Ohio are placing law enforcement officers into danger. WLWT says that an East Liverpool officer made contact with fentanyl and carfentanyl while making an arrest on drug charges.

The undercover officer was searching a car when he noticed a white substance on the vehicle's seat and floor. When he went back to the police station, another officer pointed out that he had white power on his clothes. Without thinking, the undercover cop brushed the substance off of his clothes.

Ohio man faces drug trafficking and possession charges

About an hour's drive northeast of Cincinnati will put you in Xenia, Ohio. The town just a few miles outside of Dayton was recently the site of a drug arrest involving a substance relatively unknown but quickly making a name for itself.

Carfentanil is "a synthetic opioid that is 10,000 times more potent than morphine," according to a TV station report. A Greene County man was recently arrested on charges of drug trafficking involving carfentanil and fentanyl (the synthetic opioid reportedly caused the death of singer Prince about a year ago).

Busted for OVI, driver's shirt says "This guy needs a beer"

If you drive northeast of Cincinnati for about four hours, you will come to Alliance, Ohio. That is where a man was recently arrested for drunken driving while wearing a t-shirt adorned with a message he might now regret: "This guy needs a beer."

Law enforcement officials allege that the 37-year-old was impaired when he crashed his vehicle into another car and then kept going.

How to avoid crucial mistakes on prom night

Let’s face it, teens look forward to prom night like paparazzi look forward to award season. Yes, there is the glitz and glamour associated with getting dressed up and spending a night on the town. But for some teens, prom night means that they will have some type of sexual experience.

Times may change, but traditions may not. That said, some teens still relish having their first sexual experience with someone special on prom night. An initial sexual experience may not be all that one dreams about, especially considering that some teens may not know how to express themselves.

Attack an assault charge head on with a strong criminal defense

Ohio does not take lightly violent crimes of any sort. For instance, if you are facing an assault charge, whether at a misdemeanor or felony level, the consequences can be rather severe. You do not have to let such a charge ruin your future, however. Attack an assault charge head on with a strong criminal defense.

Prosecuting attorneys have the difficult job of proving guilt in any criminal case. When prosecuting an assault charge, it is necessary to show that certain elements exist in the case. What are those elements and what defense options might you have to fight the charges at hand?

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