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Accusations of shoplifting may seem unexpected

Retail therapy acts as a stress reliever for many Ohio residents. As a woman who enjoys such activity, you may look forward to having a day out to do some shopping and treat yourself to some new items. However, your enjoyable venture may turn into a nightmare scenario if someone accuses you of shoplifting.

Ohio's controversial ignition interlock law

Your recent arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence has likely changed your plans for the immediate future. Until the court decides the outcome of your case, you probably think of little else. After all, the consequences for impaired driving convictions include fines, jail time and license suspension that increase in severity with each subsequent offense.

Attack an assault charge head on with a strong criminal defense

Ohio does not take lightly violent crimes of any sort. For instance, if you are facing an assault charge, whether at a misdemeanor or felony level, the consequences can be rather severe. You do not have to let such a charge ruin your future, however. Attack an assault charge head on with a strong criminal defense.

Five ways to sabotage your own DUI defense

You've been pulled over for drinking and driving and are now facing a DUI charge. These cases tend to move quickly, so it's important to begin assembling your defense right away. It is strongly encouraged that you seek the help of an attorney who focuses on DUI defense.

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