Drug Crimes

Greater Cincinnati Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

At the southwest Ohio law firm of Michael K. Allen & Associates, we represent people accused of drug crimes ranging from simple possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia to serious federal charges of importing or trafficking in controlled substances. Contact Cincinnati criminal defense attorney Mike Allen for a consultation about your legal options if you are facing drug crime charges in either the state or federal system.

We help people accused of drug crimes minimize or avoid the consequences of conviction through constitutional challenges to the circumstances of an arrest, execution of a search warrant, or traffic stop of a motor vehicle whenever the facts will support a motion to suppress the evidence of the offense charged. For first offenders, we can often obtain referral of your case to Drug Court, which focuses on community-based drug treatment programs and rehabilitation as a constructive alternative to punishment.

If the facts of your case show that conviction of a state or federal offense is a likely outcome, we do everything possible to find sentencing alternatives that will keep you out of state or federal prison. We can often accomplish this objective through negotiation with the prosecution toward a mutually acceptable guilty plea, or through a well prepared and persuasive presentation to the court at a sentencing hearing.

We represent clients facing charges of such drug crimes as the following:

  • Cultivation of marijuana or manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Distribution, trafficking or conspiracy to distribute any illegal drug, including heroin, crack, or cocaine
  • Unauthorized possession or sale of painkillers and other prescription drugs
  • Possession of drugs or paraphernalia in a motor vehicle
  • Drug abuse charges
  • Drug-related arrests during a period of probation or parole
  • Asset forfeiture proceedings involving cash, vehicles, or other property allegedly related to a drug offense

Our firm also represents clients in state or federal appeals of state and federal drug convictions and sentencing decisions.

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