Sex Offenses

Defense of Sex Crimes in Southwest Ohio

If you have been accused of a sex crime such as possession of child pornography, date rape, rape or sexual assault, contact defense attorney Mike Allen in Cincinnati for a consultation and evaluation of your legal options. As an experienced former elected Hamilton County prosecutor, police officer and judge, he knows how to develop and present the facts that will be essential to establishing your defense at every stage of your case.

Certain sex crimes can be charged in either state or federal court. These include online solicitation of a minor for sex, possession of child pornography on a computer hard drive or data storage disk, other Internet sex crimes and importuning. Our Mason lawyers can go to work immediately to determine the extent of your exposure to punishment and concentrate on reducing or eliminating the most serious charges against you through early engagement with the prosecution.

We also defend clients accused of more conventional state charges such as rape, statutory rape, or sexual assault. Some of our clients are juvenile defendants facing criminal charges related to consensual sexual activity between minors. Others are adults accused of such Ohio offenses as sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, importuning or unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

A skilled and committed defense to allegations of any Ohio or federal sex crime is essential because of the increasingly severe registration and reporting requirements imposed upon persons convicted of such offenses. We do everything possible to avoid a plea or trial outcome that will label you as a sexual predator, a habitual sex offender, a habitual child victim offender, or a sexually orientated offender. These categories are listed in descending order of severity, and even a shift from one list to another can help you avoid the stigma and humiliation of a sex crime conviction.

Former elected Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney and Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge, Mike Allen knows how to analyze the charges and evidence against you to spot weaknesses in the government's case. He also knows how to conduct an independent investigation to develop the facts that can defeat the charges.

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For a consultation about his ability to represent your interests effectively in a state or federal sex crime case, contact criminal defense lawyer Mike Allen in Cincinnati.

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