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Ohio volunteer cop, Boy Scout leader accused of rape

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Sex Crimes

If you drive about four hours northeast of Cincinnati, you will come to the town of Olmsted Falls, Ohio. The Cleveland suburb was recently the focus of intense media attention after a Boy Scout troop leader and auxiliary police officer was accused of sexual assault of a teenager.

The Olmsted Falls Police Department made available to news media a video of the man’s arrest at the local police station. Officials said the man was asked to come to the station on a pretext and that when he showed up, he was arrested without incident.

The town’s police chief said the teenager is the only known alleged victim.

News reports indicated that it was unclear if the teen is a member of the Boy Scouts.

The suspect has been a volunteer auxiliary officer with the Olmsted Falls Police Department for five years. The department cut ties with the man after his arrest.

A Boy Scouts of America executive said that the organization has also barred him.

The police video of the arrest was shot by a body cam worn by an officer present at the arrest. In the video, you can see the man entering the police station where he is stopped and surrounded by officers. He is cuffed and responds softly and clearly to questions.

When he’s asked if he knows why he is being arrested, he says, “I have no clue, sir.”

Obviously, he faces some of the most serious allegations and punishments possible.

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