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Five ways to sabotage your own DUI defense

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | blog

You’ve been pulled over for drinking and driving and are now facing a DUI charge. These cases tend to move quickly, so it’s important to begin assembling your defense right away. It is strongly encouraged that you seek the help of an attorney who focuses on DUI defense.

A DUI conviction may have various criminal penalties including jail time, fines, probation and community service. Having an experienced attorney in your corner will give you the best chance for avoiding criminal charges and keeping your record as clean as possible. Since they will be working hard to get you the best deal possible, you’ll want steer clear of any behavior that might sabotage your defense. Those behaviors include:

Oversharing on social media

These days when you’re upset or frustrated, it’s become the norm to air grievances on social media. You want to let it all out and feel supported by your friends and family. Most of the time you don’t think twice about what you’re posting or about the fact that it could come back to bite you. But the fact is, anything you post on social media could have serious ramifications. Even if you’ve since deleted something, there’s always a chance that someone captured a screen shot.

Best advice? Battle your DUI charge in court, not on social media. If you need the support of your friends and family, call them and talk to them about it.

Keeping the party going

Now is the time to lay low. Your lawyer will tell you not to draw attention to yourself during this time and they’re right. Avoid public displays of intoxication or any other alcohol-fueled activities that might give the courts a reason to doubt your credibility.

Driving on a suspended license

Under no circumstances should you drive on a suspended license. By violating your suspension, you’re basically throwing your entire defense out the window. Not only will this make your case more difficult to fight, you could end up facing much harsher penalties as a result.

Failing to appear in court

Mark that court date on your calendar and set multiple reminders. Whatever you do, do not miss your court date. Failing to appear in court has serious consequences and will most likely result in the judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest.

Going to court unrepresented

If you’ve never been in trouble before, you might be afraid that hiring a lawyer will make you look guilty. But here’s the thing, you were arrested for drunk driving so you’re already not in the greatest position. Do you really want to go up against the prosecuting attorney alone? They’re job is to get convictions and you’re no exception. As stated above, having an experienced attorney in your corner is going to give you the highest chances for the best possible outcome.