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How to avoid crucial mistakes on prom night

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Sex Crimes

Let’s face it, teens look forward to prom night like paparazzi look forward to award season. Yes, there is the glitz and glamour associated with getting dressed up and spending a night on the town. But for some teens, prom night means that they will have some type of sexual experience.

Times may change, but traditions may not. That said, some teens still relish having their first sexual experience with someone special on prom night. An initial sexual experience may not be all that one dreams about, especially considering that some teens may not know how to express themselves.

More importantly, there is a delicate line between something incredible and a criminal act.

To avoid potential criminal charges, teens should pay attention to the following tips.

Say what you want to happen – A nervous teen may want to just “go for it” when initiating sex or other physical contact. What may seem romantic in your mind may be frightening to the other person. As such, asking permission to have a kiss or an intimate touch can keep you out of trouble.

Be patient –Patience is the key if the person you’re with is not ready to go forward. After all, this can mean the difference between having a memorable experience and being subject to criminal prosecution. Remember, different people are aroused by different things.

Be aware of body language – A key part of being romantic is being perceptive. Like the movie “Hitch,” 90 percent of what a person says does not come out of their mouth. So reading a person’s body language can tell you if you are headed towards danger.

If you have questions about whether may be charged with a crime after a prom night encounter, regardless of whether you had intercourse, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help.