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Drugged driving on the rise in Ohio

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Alcohol and Drug Crimes

Around Ohio and the nation, incidents of drugged driving are on the rise. A recent news report on the phenomenon says that many people addicted to opiates are so eager for their next high that they inject the drugs as soon as they buy them. That often means that the user is taking the narcotics in the car they drove to the drug buy.

Far too many times, the drugged driver causes a car accident that can result in injuries or fatalities. In other cases, the drug user is found unconscious behind the wheel of their parked vehicle — waking up later to a drug arrest and traffic violation charges.

One case cited in the article is of an Ohio woman who had just picked up her two-year-old and five-year-old when she got a call from her dealer. A little while later, she was shooting up in a Fremont parking lot.

She then drove off. Within minutes, the powerful drugs were preventing her from breathing. She was able to stop the car in the middle of a road before passing out, however. Within minutes, medical personnel had given her the opioid-reversing naloxone, and saved her life, a news article recounts.

Today she is sober and working in a factory and studying to become a substance abuse counselor. Though she lost custody of her kids, she visits them regularly.

Like so many people who have struggled with addiction, she has used her second chance to make herself a better person.

Part of what a skilled criminal defense attorney does is fight for those opportunities to turn lives around.

If you face drug crime charges in Cincinnati, you can contact a lawyer experienced in drug possession defense to help you protect your rights and freedom.