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Some Ohio neighborhoods are more crime-heavy than others

There are some streets Ohio residents don’t walk down if they can help it. There are some neighborhoods they avoid driving through. However, if you reside in one of these areas, you might have a greater risk of both committing and becoming a victim of crime simply because you live there.

Ohio suffers from crime in certain areas, akin to the rest of America. Localized crime is a problem for notoriously violent cities like Chicago and Baltimore. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, only a quarter of crimes take place in 94% of city streets in these areas, while the other 6% contain the remaining three quarters of crime. This means that the majority of violence happens in specific neighborhoods.

The report cites poverty, drug problems and gang violence in these high-crime areas. While Ohio isn’t as known for these issues nationally as other urban states, it isn’t a stranger to these issues either, especially in its larger cities. In fact, Columbus just experienced its deadliest year in history with at least 140 homicides in 2017.

Children who grow up in areas of localized crime are exposed to more violence and drugs than children in “safer” neighborhoods. This means that they are more likely to commit crime – not only over the course of their lifetime, but at a younger age. The Wall Street Journal also featured residents of those perilous 6% of streets, who shared tragic anecdotes of how the area drags people into crime.

While the crime rate of your neighborhood isn’t enough to form a legal defense, there are certainly aspects of your environment that may affect your case. You can discuss these factors with a criminal defense attorney because it’s hard to escape them. As one man said in the report, “The only way I could get out of that life is if I moved out of my area.”

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