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Lack of advisement regarding your rights may affect your defense

Many aspects of a situation in which you have been charged with a crime could impact the outcomes of your case. Because of the different possibilities, you may want to refrain from feeling as if you have lost your case before it begins. No matter the allegations you face, you have the right to defend against criminal charges.

Accused of domestic violence? Here is what you need to know

Ohio laws take a strong stand against domestic violence, and individuals convicted of this particular crime could face harsh, life-altering penalties. Even if you are facing false accusations of domestic violence, a strong criminal defense could be crucial as you work to protect your freedom and your personal reputation. 

Possession, dealing are lower-end drug crimes but still serious

The factors that contribute to a person facing a difficult and serious situation can vary from case to case. Even when an individual faces accusations of a crime that numerous other parties have faced in the past, this person's situation will likely differ considerably from the majority of those other instances. Because of these differences, the choices you make when dealing with your predicament will likely prove dissimilar to someone else's decisions.

Can police handcuff me if I'm not under arrest?

You have probably seen TV crime shows where a detective or police officer places a suspect under arrest with a dramatic snap of the handcuffs behind the suspect's back. At the same time, you may hear the officer reciting familiar lines about the suspect's right to remain silent.

Who polices the police?

Let's say you're hanging out with friends on a weekend, kicking back at home, perhaps taking in a football game or movie on TV, and suddenly police are banging on your front door. Do you have to let them in? In fact, do you have to speak to them at all? The answers to these and other questions that may arise in such situations may vary. The bottom line is that you, like all Ohio residents and those throughout the nation, have rights.

Have assault charges left you reeling?

Throughout your life, you may never have considered yourself a violent person. Because of your generally passive nature, the fact that you now face criminal allegations for assault may come as a shock to you and those who know you. However, you may have found yourself in a predicament that may have required violence in order to protect yourself or someone else.

Don't step out of line during an OVI stop

Let's say you just left a local restaurant in your Ohio neighborhood where you and a few friends were sharing a few laughs, drinks and a good meal together. Not long after you exit the parking lot, you see flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror and your blood pressure immediately begins to rise as you realize a police officer is pulling you over. You know that situations like this have a tendency to lead to OVI charges and that's the last thing you need.

Have you been accused of traveling over the absolute speed limit?

Many individuals have faced the scenario of driving along the roadway when they suddenly see blue lights in their rearview mirror. Commonly, police officers pull over drivers for traveling over the speed limit. If this type of situation has happened to you and the officer issued you a ticket, you may wonder whether you have to pay the ticket or if you have other options.

What do you call a DUI in Ohio?

You may have heard the saying somewhere in Ohio or elsewhere that a bird is still a bird by any other name. In essence, it means that it is not the name that makes a particular item what it is; rather, it is the item's substance. Call a bird another name and it still doesn't change the physiological makeup that makes a bird a bird. You can call it a dog if you want, but, scientifically, it's still a bird. The same goes for certain legal terms, such as those describing driving under the influence of alcohol.

Accusations of shoplifting may seem unexpected

Retail therapy acts as a stress reliever for many Ohio residents. As a woman who enjoys such activity, you may look forward to having a day out to do some shopping and treat yourself to some new items. However, your enjoyable venture may turn into a nightmare scenario if someone accuses you of shoplifting.

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