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Can I Get My Ohio Driver’s License Reinstated After Suspension For OVI Or DUI?

At the Cincinnati law firm of Michael K. Allen & Associates, we help drivers protect their licenses through representation at Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) administrative hearings. In Ohio, each moving violation is assigned a certain number of points, and the accumulation of 12 points against your license in any two-year period will result in a six-month suspension of your driver’s license.

Contact attorney Mike Allen for advice about your options if your license has been suspended or if you have received notice that 6 points have already been charged against your license.

It’s possible to rack up 12 points and a driver’s license suspension in the same incident. An Ohio driving under the influence, or DUI, (6 points); a speeding ticket (up to 4 points); and a failure to signal a lane change (2 points) will take a motorist from clean to suspended in the time it takes the arresting officer’s citation to reach the records office.

What Approaches Are There To Diminish The Negative Effects?

If you are facing suspension due to a drunk driving arrest, the accumulation of points against your driver’s license over time or a single multipoint sequence of moving violations, Mike Allen can help you in any one or more of the following ways:

  • Defend you on the traffic offense charged – defeating the citation will make the points go away
  • Advise you about safe driving courses to take 2 points off your current total
  • Negotiate the terms of a suspension with the DMV, including arrangements for a temporary or occupational license

We also represent holders of commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) both locally and from out of state on traffic violation charges. The suspensions for CDL drivers can be longer and more serious, depending on the offense being charged. The consequences for DUI and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs (OVI) offenses can be especially severe.

Driver’s license suspension is also a common consequence of serious motor vehicle felonies, such as vehicular homicide, assault related to drunk driving or the eluding of a law enforcement officer. We can work with the BMV on conditions to keep your driving privileges while your case is pending, and we can work toward a resolution of the criminal charges that will minimize the impact on your right to drive.

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