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Cincinnati Trio Arrested On White Collar Crime Charges

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | White Collar Crimes

Cincinnati’s ABC network affiliate WCPO recently reported that three members of “a sophisticated mortgage fraud ring” have been arrested and three more suspects are being sought by city police. According to law enforcement sources, the group filed more than a million dollars worth of false titles, deeds and liens in Hamilton County.

The 21-count white collar crime indictment includes 7 counts each of theft, unauthorized use of property and record tampering.

Law enforcement officials say that the alleged mortgage fraud group has been operating together for more than two years.

They apparently try to falsely establish ownership of a property and then sell the pieces of real estate.

Hamilton County recorder Norbert Nadel said, “Your end game is, if you’re recording a false mortgage, then you go ahead and try to sell it, and you get back money on the mortgage that was never there. There was no mortgage there, but you’re getting money back, and that’s what they do.”

Nadel added that these kinds of real estate crimes are rare, but when they do occur that they are often targeted at seniors or homeowners who are in foreclosure. Members of both groups are often considered vulnerable in criminal financial schemes, experts say.

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